Washon is an on-demand laundry service 
available anytime in Vizag.

It is a homecare service that provides professional laundry care, 
so you can relax and enjoy your days.


You can easily update old clothes with fabric dye. Dyeing old clothes is such a fun, creative , cheap and eco-friendly way to give old clothes a new life! So make your old clothes new again with fabric dye!

Regular Laundry

Preliminary treatments such as removal of partial contamination and damage prevention will be applied according to the type and condition of items. Afterwards, the laundry professional will select the most suitable laundering method for each item. Wahon is using most suitable fabric softner and conditioner for your costly cloths. The laundered items will go through the examination process at the end, to be neatly packed and delivered back to you.

Steam Iron

Washon’sautomated machine steam pressing takes the wrinkles out. Our expert pressers make sure that pleats are sharp and that smooth areas are unpleated and wrinkle free. We offer separate Steam press service also.

Dry Clean

We promise you every garment is always cleaned with virgin/fresh dry cleaning fluid free from any contaminants and thus ensuring hygiene. We are specialized in dry cleaning of suits, designer wear, wedding dresses, silk sarees, fine garments etc. Simply hire our low cost dry cleaning services and your dry cleaned clothes will be delivered within 3 days.

Stain Removal

Wahon offers a best cleaning guarantee. We use the best possible method in assessing and processing each garment we accept. We will not compromise your garment with harsh treatment and do our best when it comes to stain removal.

Rolling and Polishing

We offer best saree/roll press service which removes wrinkles, without affecting its natural beauty and durability. Sarees, especially silk sarees tend to lose their brightness and shine in the course of time as you use it. We offer best saree polishing service which preserves the inherent shining of sarees without affecting its natural beauty and durability.

Express Laundry

Most suitable for tourists, foreigner, guests in hotels, frequent travelers. Washon riders will pickup your cloths from your doorsteps and will be delivered back witin 4 hours upon processing. This is most promising service at Vizag offered by Washon.

Free Pickup and Drop*

Our friendly Washon rider will come to your door and pick-up your clothes . Cleand packed cloths will be delivered on your scheduled time.

Sports Shoe Laundry

Every shoe goes through a stitch-by-stitch inspection followed by a hand wash, assisted with a motorized scrubber using a variety of solvents, solutions and mild detergents, which are safe and suitable for cleaning shoes. We specialise in cleaning sports Shoes.

KG Laundry

Tired to segregate daily usable cloths ? Washon is here, give your daily washable cloths on Kg basis and our experts will do the washing, segregation, folding, ironing and packing for you.

Premium Laundry

Most suitable for expensive cloths.